Tumbler Puzzle featuring Kosen Creatures

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The Kosen studio-haus, offering lifelike creations of distinction, presents a puzzle, The Tumbler, for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The Tumbler features favorite Koesen(R) pals in a slider puzzle format that is different from most any other puzzle you’ve put together before. The pieces are 3-D cubes, and using the accelerometer, tilt your device to turn, bounce, rotate, and slide the pieces into place. Each cube has the same image on all six sides.

Choose from as few as four pieces, up to 36, and from 14 different scenes.

Using the rotary dial choose the number of pieces for this round. Touch on the upper right new the displayed number and gently drag it up and down to rotate the virtual dial.

There is a bumper in each corner to assist you in spinning or deflecting the pieces, and when the piece is in just the right spot over the corresponding picture, it will meld with the picture leaving only the slightest ridge. You can then use the placed pieces to assist in maneuvering the next pieces into place.

Use the multi touch display to make virtual fingers. Your finger now becomes a new object that you move around on the screen. Nudge pieces from the corners to rotate them, or next to others to move them out of the way. Your finger or fingers are now virtual elements in the puzzle board. Or just use them to mess everything up.

But don’t think this is going to be easy. This is one tough tumbling slider puzzle.

Choose more pieces, up to 36, and expect to spend a very long time completing the picture. Scenes with solid color, such as white, also add complexity in that not only must you get a white cube onto a white spot, but is it the correct white cube, and is the correct side up? For this level, professional puzzlers only please.

The Tumbler, brought to you by Kosen.com, and inspired by German bears.